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The 1Million Project

Sprint 1Million Project

The 1Million Project and HLPUSD have announced that eligible high school students in HLPUSD will receive the equipment and connectivity they need to complete their schoolwork from home as part of the 1Million Project.  

Seventy percent of America’s high school teachers assign homework requiring online connectivity, yet more than five million families with school-aged students do not have internet connectivity at home. These students are unable to complete their homework, search for jobs, apply to college and financial aid, or easily access the valuable information they need to succeed in school and life.

The program will roll out 2018-2019 with a pilot for 600+ students at HLPUSD high schools.

Each student participating in the 1Million Project will receive a tablet with 3GB of high-speed LTE data per month for up to four years, while they are in high school.  

If your student was selected as one of our 1Million Project recipients, please read the Parent Letter. Fill out the Parent Consent Form  and return it to the front office of the school your student will attend in the fall. 

What is the 1Million Project?

The 1 Million Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1.       Who is eligible to receive a Tablet? Eligible students must be enrolled in one of HLPUSD's high school; and completed the Sprint survey by reporting they have no/limited internet access, have multiple household using same device at home, or very low bandwidth.  Space in the program is limited; not every family that qualifies will be accepted.

2.       What is included in the device donation?

As part of the Sprint 1Million project students receive a sprint tablet device and up to 3GB of cellular data usage each month for the duration of their high school career.

3G Data Usage means:

Internet Browsing: about 60 hours for 3GB.

Video Streaming: HD is 3GB per hour. LOW quality is about 9 Hours.

Music: High Quality Music 17 hours for 3GB.

3.       Do I have to pay for the cellular charges when using the tablet?

As part of the Sprint 1Million Project, the cellular data plan is provided free of charge to eligible students. After the 3GBs of data are used, the speed of internet access will be reduced.

4.       What if the family does not want to keep the donated tablet?

Families who do not wish to participate in the project can return the donated device to the high school office.

5.       How can I get technical support for the device?

Please refer to the Sprint label on the back of the tablet or the Sprint documentation for technical support: 

6.       What if I lose my tablet?

Please notify school administrators or media aide clerk if your device has been lost, damaged, or stolen.

7. Will they get a replacement?Depending on how the device was broken (dropped the device, received device that stopped working, damaged the device) and Sprint Customer Care troubleshooting service will determine if issue is covered under warranty. 

If device is covered under warranty, student will get a replacement device.

If device is not covered under warranty, student has option to purchase a replacement device. Estimated cost is $65.00. 

8.       What if I lose the power cable?Please notify building administrators if your device cable/adapter has been lost, damaged, or stolen. If a device cable/adapter has been lost, it will need to be replaced.  

9.       Can I use the device wireless at school instead of the district's wifi wireless network?

No.  Students should use the district's guest wifi wireless network while they are at school.  Sprint hotspot/tablets can be used at the student's home or in other public settings that require internet access. 

10. Do I have to return the device over the summer?

Yes, schools will set a return procedure and date at the end of the school year. Students who are in summer school will have the tablets reissued to them. Tablets will be checked in at the end of summer school.

11.   Do I have to return the device once I graduate?

Yes.  All students exiting the district either by moving or graduating, will be required to return the device.

12.   Do I have to give my device back if I transfer to another high school in the district?

No, as long as the student maintains enrollment at one of the district's high schools, they will continue to be eligible for the program.

13.   Do I have to give back my device if I withdraw from school?

Yes.  To maintain eligibility, students need to be enrolled in one of the district's high schools.

14.   Will this donation be available for high school students next year?

Yes, the Sprint partnership continues for the next several years.  All high school students will have the opportunity to complete an eligibility survey.

15. Are there web filters on the device?

Yes, Sprint has installed a web filter that is Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filter with every device. This filter blocks adult content and malware while on the Sprint Network. Specifically designed for the 1Million Project, this filter is always on and cannot be disabled.  The device is filtered by the district web filter when connected to the district wireless network.


Updated: 8/27/2018