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Ms. Moore, Hacienda La Puente's Classified Employee of the Year
Hacienda La Puente's Classified Employee of the Year - Ms. Moore
Ms.Davila, CCAE Hacienda Chapter, Instructor of the year
CCAE Hacienda Chapter, Instructor of the year! Ms. Davila


Section Conference| The Renaissance of Adult Education  Palms Springs 2016
Section Conference | The Renaissance of Adult Education Palms Springs 2016
About CCAE

With over 3,000 members, the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) is the largest professional organization serving adult education in California. CCAE is unique in that it serves all levels of the adult education family including teachers, classified, students, and administrators.

Our Mission

The mission of the California Council for Adult Education is to take a leadership role in promoting adult education, providing professional development, and effecting change to best serve the needs and interests of adult education, the CCAE membership and the people of California.

The Purpose of CCAE

Legislation—Sponsoring, endorsing, monitoring supporting and gaining Legislative backing for Legislation that provides positive support for adult schools, adult education, adult students and communities is a prominent focus for CCAE. Specific activities include our annual Legislative Day in Sacramento, testifying at legislative hearings, working with Legislators at both the local and state levels, letter writing campaigns, keeping our own members informed, and the employment of a Legislative Advocate are some of the activities that we are involved in.

Professional Development—A second focus of CCAE is to provide Professional Development opportunities for all of our members, Certificated and Classified. This occurs primarily at our annual State and Section conferences where workshops, speakers and seminars are presented for our members.

Recognitions—A third focus of CCAE is the recognition of excellent performances by adult educators, students and support staff members through both scholarships and awards at the State, Section, and Chapter levels. An annual award is also presented to an individual State Legislator who provided consistent and strong support for the adult education family during the year. It is presented at our annual Legislative Day.

President: Alice Yoshioka

Vice President: Valerie Clifford

Past President: Adder Argueta

Treasurer: Micah Goins
Secretary: Silvia Peralta

Historian: Sherrie White

California Council for Adult Education

Your CCAE membership supports advocacy efforts to fund and grow adult education services.

CCAE is the only organization that includes teachers, classified staff members, administrators, counselors, students, and friends of adult education.

CCAE recognizes members at state and section events for their outstanding accomplishments.

Professional Development
CCAE provides professional development opportunities to members at the state and section levels.

CCAE holds annual state and local conferences with a reduced fee for members.

Legislative News
CCAE employs a Legislative Analyst who monitors every piece of legislation that involves the adult education community. Your membership will give you access to Action Alerts.

Leadership Opportunities
CCAE is run by member volunteers. When you become a member you have the opportunity to participate and run for chapter, section, and state officer positions. This is a great way to stretch leadership skills and develop valued friendships.

Social Media
Be the first to know what is happening by following CCAE on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

CCAE members receive monthly eblasts as well as The Communicator quarterly and can connect with CCAE through various online social networking sites.

Download our mobile app for the latest conference and members only news, developments, and resources.