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Wedgeworth School Project - Frequently Asked Questions



Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Please check back regularly for updates.

1. What led to the decision to build Wedgeworth a permanent school?

The development of Wedgeworth as a permanent school has been in discussion since the school district acquired the property in the 1960's.

2. How will traffic flow and parking issues in the community surrounding the proposed new school be addressed?

Traffic impacts and required mitigation measures related to the construction of the school will be addressed in the Environmental Impact Report. Traffic analysis will be completed by the CEQA consultant and Los Angeles County Public Works. Where improvements are required, including stop signs, parking controls, or other traffic control measures, they will be incorporated into the plans for the projects. 

3. Will there be a better drop-off/pick-up area?

There will be a new designated drop-off/pick-up zone that will improve traffic as students are dropped off and picked up.

4. Will students that attend school near the construction site be impacted by the noise and dust?

There are mitigation measures designed to limit impacts on immediate communities, especially school sites. Most of the possible interruptions would take place when students are not in session.

5. How much will the new school cost and how will it be funded?

The projected cost of Wedgeworth has been identified at approximately $52 million. Funding for the construction of the K-8 project has not been fully identified and it has not been voted on by the Board.

The District is in the planning stages for the construction of a K-8 school. A budget must be determined based on design characteristics, needs of the school site and future growth. Once the design standards have been approved by DSA and the environmental process has cleared, the District can determine where funding can support the construction of the new school.

6. Will proceeds from the sale of surplus properties be used to fund the project?

Possible proceeds from the sale of surplus properties outside of Wedgeworth have not been designated for any given project. Discussions have taken place previously on providing funds from the possible sale of La Subida and Glenelder to help with costs associated with the construction of Wedgeworth, but the Board has not made the determination of where the funds could go.

7. Why are funds being allocated to this project when so many other schools also need improvements?

The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District completed a district-wide master plan in 2016. That plan identified over $1.2 billion in facility needs district wide.  Upgrading classrooms to meet today’s instructional needs is a priority. Measure BB raised $148 million dollars to help upgrade classrooms district wide.  Many of our schools have older, outdated portables purchased and installed in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Upgrading these older buildings is not an effective use of funds.  HLPUSD is working to remove or replace older portable buildings district wide.  At schools that have excess capacity, the older portable buildings will be left in place to serve as interim housing until the classroom renovations are complete.

The Wedgeworth Campus is an all portable campus. Wedgeworth enrollment has more than doubled in the last ten years.  The school is projected to continue growing. There are not enough vacant classrooms in the schools in the Wilson Quad to accommodate the projected growth.

                                                                                                                                                Number of Portables

School                  Unused Rooms                 Number of Portables                     over 30 years old

Bixby                                     3                                              6                                                              6

Cedarlane                           1                                              1                                                              0

Grazide                                3                                              12                                                           4

Mesa Robles                      0                                              14                                                           4

Wedgeworth                     0                                              30                                                           15


8. Will 21st century upgrades and safety improvements take place at the other schools in the District?

There are simultaneous 21st century improvements taking place as the Wedgeworth K-8 project is being developed. School safety improvements are regularly assessed throughout the district.

9. Why don’t we move Wedgeworth students to Bixby and Cedarlane?

Every community has educational needs and Wedgeworth Elementary provides the needs for the Wedgeworth Community. Bixby and Cedarlane provide the instructional needs for the communities they serve. As noted in the response to question #7, neither of those schools have the existing capacity to accommodate the enrollment at Wedgeworth.

10. Why is Glenelder or La Subida not used?

La Subida has not been used in more than 20 years. The buildings would require major renovations to accommodate students again. Glenelder for was closed due to low enrollment. The Glenelder attendance area included students South of the 60 freeway. Adding an additional school site requires committing to additional ongoing operating costs that would reduce the district’s ability to fund instructional programs at all sites.

11. Is there a written lease agreement between the Little League and the District?

There is no written lease agreement between the Little League and the District. When construction of the fields was approved on January 26, 1978 the Board stated in the agenda item that the District intended to build a permanent school on the site and sell part of the Wedgeworth property for residential development. Letters and memos from that time period confirm that Highlander Little was aware of the District’s intent to sell part of the property.

12. What is the District and County doing to help the Little League?

The District is committed to finding a resolution and continues to request joint meetings with Hacienda Heights Little League and the County to determine what solutions can be identified.

13. Will any child be accepted to Wedgeworth?

All students that live in the attendance area for Wedgeworth will be eligible to attend the school. Other students may apply for intra or inter district transfers if there is space at the school.

14. How many Wedgeworth students come from outside the district?

There are currently 97 Wedgeworth students from outside the district.

15. If Wedgeworth is at capacity, why is the HLPUSD closing schools?

No schools have been closed since 2010. A District committee reviewed school configuration during the 2018-19 school year. No recommendations for additional school closures were made by the committee.

16. What will happen if District enrollment declines?

Declining enrollment is a concern to many districts in our area. Hacienda La Puente Unified School District is taking positive steps to address that issue by creating quality programs and improving facilities district wide. In the event declines continue the Board could take a number of steps including reducing the number of portables, reconfiguring schools, or closing schools.

17. Will the new school increase or decrease property values in the area?

Improvements to schools generally increase property values in the surrounding area. It is likely that a new school construction project will increase property values.

18. Will housing be developed on the property?

The District does not build housing. It has not been determined if the surplus property would be sold or what the possible composition would be of the surplus property at Wedgeworth.

19. How can the community stay informed on the project?

Information will be posted on the website. Information will be distributed via social media and through the email distribution list.


If you have additional questions, please submit by email to