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Hacienda La Puente

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Payroll Office Email

Payroll Supervisor

Elizabeth Maldonado

Phone: 626.933.3870


Accounts Payable Email

Accounting Supervisor


Phone: 626.933.3885

The Finance Department is made up of Payroll, Accounting, Budgeting, and Special Projects

Special Projects

This Department consists of a Financial Analyst, Sr. Budgeting Technician, and Budget Technician. Duties include assisting the Director of Finance in the day to day operation of the Finance Department, interim reports, year-end financial reconciliation and independent audits. Attendance accounting consists of reporting P-1, P-2, and annual attendance to Los Angeles County Office of Education, as well as assisting school sites (answering questions) in order to provide accurate attendance figures. Fixed Assets accounting maintains all asset records for both active and obsolete equipment over $500. Physical inventory counts are normally done every 3 years to ensure that all assets are accounted for in accordance with GASB 34


Staff of seven who pays all classified and certificated employees, regular employees as well as coaches, consultants and other employees. Staff processes disability claims, tax reports, legal claims. We are mainly contacted by employees, insurance companies and government agencies.

2022 - 2023 Hourly Payroll Schedule (PDF)

2022 - 2023 10-Month Employee Payroll Schedule (PDF)

2022 - 2023 12-Month Employee Payroll Schedule (PDF)

Business Enhancement System Transformation (BEST)

The Business Enhancement System Transformation Project (BEST) is a necessary system modernization for LACOE and Hacienda La Puente Unified School District. One goal of the BEST Project is to have an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System for budget development, finance, human resources, and payroll. Additional strategic goals include: districts' end-users have immediate online access to data and reports, the system is highly scalable and adaptable to regulatory code changes, and the system is user-friendly and meets end-users' needs. The systems that have been replaced in this project are the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource Systems.

BEST Documents

FIN 101: Getting Started in Financial (PDF)

FIN 200: Requisitions (PDF)

FIN 501: Inventory Warehouse Requestors (PDF)

BEST Commodity Codes (PDF)

BEST Commodity Codes (XLSX)



COVID-19 Financials.pptx (PPTX)

Finance Department

Director of Fiscal Services

Earl Carrasco

Secretary II

Valerie Tuitele

Phone: 626.933.3883

Fax: 626.933.3822

Sr. Financial Analyst

Grace Lee

Phone: 626.933.3884


Budget Supervisor


Phone: 626.933.3884

Categorical Budgeting Supervisor

Lorraine Molina

Phone: 626.933.3866

Special Education

Patricia Camarena

Phone: 626.933.3937

Budgeting, Categorical


Phone: 626.933.3894

Budgeting, Attendance


Phone: 626.933.3887


Jody Burton

Phone: 626.933.3888

Adult Education


Phone: 626.933.3859

Special Projects

Rosie Gonzales

Phone: 626.933.3877

Special Projects

Nety Con

Phone: 626.933.3881