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Elementary Education TK-8


Welcome to Educational Services

Office of Elementary, Education

Award-Winning TK-8 Schools! 












Our office is dedicated to establishing and supporting instructional programs at elementary and middle schools that provide for all students to achieve district and state standards.  This is accomplished by ensuring articulation of curricular alignment and implementing research and standards-based instructional programs that support student learning needs   at each of our schools. 

With a focus on increasing attendance, scholastic achievement, and student engagement, we highly value our community partners and the support they can provide with these goals.  Parent involvement is critical to our students’ achievement, and our division is committed to working collaboratively with our community to nurture student success and caring learning environments. 

We welcome inquiries and input from our community regarding TK-8th grade educational programs and activities. 

Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK)




Contact the UPK Welcome Hub for more information at:

15801 Sierra Vista Court

Room 15

(626) 933-6547

(626) 933-6549

Conga Kids @ HLPUSD!

Conga Kids promotes social emotional learning, empathy, inter-personal communication, community engagement, teamwork, collaboration, and respect through dance in a global and cultural context. Through this unique program, magic is created at the intersection of community, dance, and music. Self-confidence grows as students learn to celebrate the cultural, historical, and musical origins of each dance practice, creating a shared understanding of global perspectives within our diverse school communities. Conga Kids explore styles of dance including: Merengue, Samba, Rumba, Salsa,  Cha Cha Cha, Latin Boogaloo, Vernacular Jazz, and various Street/Hip Hop styles.

Middle and High School Speech and Debate

Through Speech and Debate, HLP middle and high school students build English acquisition, analytical writing, vocabulary and effective oral communication skills by sharping their listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students compete in local, State, and National tournaments throughout the year!

Elementary, Middle, and High School Youth Cinema Project


Latino Film Institute provides instruction from industry professionals who work directly with students in the classroom for literacy development including reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as career technical skill development including directing, acting, filming, and editing, culminating by participating at The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and an end-of-year district wide showcase!

Dr. Angela Lin

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Executive Director

Genny Stopani, Secretary

Tel: (626) 933-4363

15959 E. Gale Avenue

City of Industry, CA