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Maximizing Partnerships

Collaborating with community partners can help schools provide additional resources, support, and opportunities to their students, which can contribute to their academic and personal success. Partnerships can offer access to services like mentoring, job shadowing, and after-school activities, and can help address specific needs of the student population. Collaboration can also provide opportunities for students to learn from professionals in different fields, helping to prepare them for their future careers. Additionally, community partnerships can create a sense of community, providing students with a wider network of support beyond the school walls.

Supporting Documents to Maximize Partnerships

Department Newsletters for Sponsors

Sponsor Event Calendar

The Sponsor Event Calendar allows sponsors to see a comprehensive list of events and select those that align with their vision. It provides visibility into various sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year. The event calendar helps sponsors identify events where they can invest their resources and support others. It provides essential details such as event dates, themes, and available sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors can evaluate multiple events simultaneously, and compare other factors to make informed decisions about where to allocate their sponsorship investments.