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Determining Eligibility

What is it?

Accurately determining homeless student eligibility is essential to ensure they receive the appropriate educational support and services.  Every year, all McKinney Vento cases are closed at the end of the year and reopened at the beginning of the new academic year after the current living situation has been confirmed.  The following page includes the supporting documents to assist in this process.

Beginning of the Year Supporting Eligibility Documents

Determination Through Enrollment

Our district utilizes AERIES as the student information system. During the enrollment process, families self-identify as homeless by reporting their current housing situation. 

Letter to Parents for Aeries Confirmation

Phone Banking

A phone script can help an individual have a structured phone call by providing a pre-written framework for the conversation. With a script, the individual can ensure that they cover all the necessary points and avoid missing important information or getting sidetracked. 

Phone Script

End-of-the-Year Supporting Eligibility Documents