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Student Housing Questionnaire Campaign

What is it?

The Student Housing Questionnaire (SHQ) for McKinney-Vento students is a specialized survey designed to collect information from unhoused and highly mobile students regarding their housing situation, needs, and preferences. 

How it's used / Best Practices

School districts can administer the SHQs in several ways, depending on their resources and preferences. Here are some common methods: Qualtrics, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and paper. Regardless, of the method used, it is important for school districts to ensure that the questionnaire is accessible, easy to understand, and protects students' privacy and confidentiality. The results of the survey should be used to inform housing policies and improve services for students.

The Campaign

During the months of July through October, our team and school sites work diligently to identify McKinney Vento families by:

  • Calling previously enrolled families to confirm their current living conditions and determine if they are still eligible for resources and services.

  • Mailing out parent letters to announce they must confirm their current living condition and submit an SHQ form to re-enroll in the program.


Online Survey

Online Survey: One way to administer a student housing questionnaire is through an online survey tool. School districts can create a survey using platforms like Google Forms, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, etc., and send the survey link to students via email or through their school's learning management system. This method is convenient and allows for easy data collection and analysis.

SHQ (Qualtrics Form)

Paper Survey

Paper Survey: Another way to administer a student housing questionnaire is through a paper survey. School districts can print the survey and distribute it to students during class or at school events. This method is useful for students who may not have access to the internet or prefer to complete surveys on paper.

Supporting Campaign Documents