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Dual Immersion Language Programs

Spanish Dual Immersion Language ProgramsLos Altos Elementary provides a high-quality educational program for students including our new Spanish Dual Immersion Program.  Over the past four years, we have been recognized as a Distinguished School and Title I High Achieving School.  In our Spanish Dual Immersion Program, we immerse students in Spanish language along with culture and history of the regions and provide our families events to share and experience what our students are learning.  We offer a 90/10 model which means students are instructed in Spanish 90% and in English 10% of the instructional day.  Each year the English instruction is increased until it reaches 50% English and 50% Spanish in the 4th grade and continues as such.  Principal Rosalie Sinapi, Los Altos Elementary School.

Nelson Elementary School began a new Spanish Dual Immersion Program in 2019-2020. Students are taught literacy and academic content in both English and Spanish. Kindergarten students receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. Instructional time in English is gradually increases each subsequent year, eventually reaching 50% English and 50% Spanish in grades 4th through 6th.

The goals for students in our program include:
• Developing high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both languages
• Demonstrating high levels of academic achievement
• Developing an appreciation for and an understanding of diverse cultures. 
In addition to the Dual Immersion program, we offer, instrumental band classes for 6th grade students, Science Olympiad, a Headstart/Preschool program and a no cost afterschool program through the Boys & Girls Club available for all students.

Our highly qualified teaching staff provides best practice teaching methodologies to ensure all students reach high levels of academic success. 

Newton Middle School  We, the faculty and staff of Newton Middle School, believe that all students can achieve. We are dedicated to providing an academic environment that will insure student success. We challenge all students to think critically and develop lifelong curiosity that will propel each individual toward their college and career goals.

Newton is proud to offer our Spanish Dual Immersion Program to our native English and Spanish-speaking students the unique opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural by the end of 8th grade. Students in the Dual Immersion Program will promote with the bilingual skills necessary to prepare them for rigorous Spanish elective and AP Spanish courses in high school. Our vision for the DI Program is for our students to attain bilingualism and biliteracy with high-levels of academic excellence and multicultural understanding to be competitive in the global market. 

Valinda School of Academics is a K-8 school with an enrollment of 547 students.  Our hardworking and dedicated teaching staff and full time counselor use research-based strategies to ensure student success.  We offer Journalism, Science Olympiad, instrumental band classes in addition to the Headstart/Preschool and ASES (free after school care) Programs.  Valinda has a strong ASB and PTA.  We are proud to also offer a Spanish Dual Immersion Program.  This unique program offers English and Spanish speaking students the opportunity to learn and excel in two languages, English and Spanish.  Students are taught in the 90/10 model.  Students in Kindergarten receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% in English.  Each year, English is gradually increased until instructional time reaches 50% English and 50% Spanish in grades 4th through 6th.  Principal Elizabeth Bermejo, Valinda School of Academics.

Chinese (Mandarin) Dual Immersion Language Programs

Wedgeworth Elementary provides strong, rigorous K-5 curriculum programs including the foreign language programs that are focused on infusing 21st century skills with a strong emphasis on technology literacy and project-based learning.

  • Mandarin Chinese/English Dual Immersion Program
  • Foreign Language Elective Classes
  • School-Wide Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) - Depth and Complexity
  • Science Olympiad

Dual Immersion Program Model:  Our program promotes a bilingual, multicultural environment by providing 50% of instruction in English and 50% in Mandarin Chinese.  Standards-based instruction in both languages ensures that all students are able to achieve high academic standards as well as they become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural citizens.  Principal Dr. Paulina Cho, Wedgeworth Elementary School

Chinese and Korean Dual Immersion Language Programs

At Cedarlane Academy, the goal of our new Dual Immersion programs in Chinese (starting in 6th grade) and Korean (starting in Kindergarten) is to continue the development of students' bilingualism, biliteracy, academic achievement, and cross-cultural competencies through mastery of challenging curriculum in both Chinese/Korean and English.

Cedarlane Academy's Dual Immersion programs’ participating students are held to the high level of rigor. Dual Immersion students take two classes taught in Chinese: Chinese language arts (during zero period) and Chinese social studies. The content, scope, sequence, and standards of Chinese social studies is identical to the English course counterpart. Dual Immersion students also take English language arts taught in English, Science, math, P.E., and elective class of their choice.  Korean Dual Immersion program is following a 50:50 Korean/English model and begins in Kindergarten. Native English speakers must begin the Dual Immersion program in elementary school to be eligible to participate in Cedarlane Academy's Middle School Immersion Program. Native Chinese speakers who did not attend an elementary Dual Immersion Program, may begin at Cedarlane Academy, contingent upon tested Chinese language proficiency.  For the Korean Dual Immersion program, any incoming Kinder student is eligible.

Advanced and AP Chinese courses, Korean as a Foreign Language courses as well as an IB program offered at Wilson High School, HLPUSD, are the natural next steps for our Middle School Dual Immersion Students.


Master Plan for Dual Language Immersion Programs

Master Plan for Dual Language Immersion Programs (PDF)

Dual immersion student learning

Spanish Dual Immersion Language Programs

Los Altos Elementary School
15565 Los Altos
Hacienda Heights, CA  91745
Principal:  Ms. Rosalie Sinapi
Tel: (626) 933-2300
Fax: (626) 855-3735

Nelson Elementary School
330 California Ave.
La Puente, CA  91744
Principal:  Ms. Marci Chavez
Tel: (626) 933-8400
Fax: (626) 855-3537

Newton Middle School
15616 Newton Street
Hacienda Heights, CA  91745
Principal:  Ms. Ann Hanson
Tel: (626) 933-2400
Fax: (626) 855-3832

Valinda School of Academics
1030 Indian Summer
La Puente, CA  91744
Principal:  Ms. Elizabeth Bermejo
Tel: (626) 933-4700
Fax: (626) 855-3787

Chinese (Mandarin) Dual Immersion Language Programs

Wedgeworth Elementary
16949 Wedgeworth Drive
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Principal: Dr. Paulina Cho
Tel: (626) 933-8100
Fax: (626) 855-3790

Chinese and Korean Dual Immersion Programs

16333 Cedarlane Dr. 
Hacienda Heights, 91745
Principal: Ms. Kim Lee
Tel: (626) 933-8000

Benefits of a Dual Immersion Program

Research shows there are many benefits for students enrolled in dual immersion programs.  Students develop full oral, reading and writing proficiency in two languages.  Their academic performance is Reading and Math meets and often exceeds state and district standards.  Bilingual students are more creative, better at problem-solving, and score higher on literacy tests.  They also have higher graduation rates, an increased interest in attending college, higher self-esteem and greater cultural awareness.