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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fingerprinting

The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Police Department provides fingerprinting services to perspective employees and district volunteers only.  Applicants requiring Livescan fingerprinting for District pre-employment or volunteering may contact our department to schedule an appointment.

Livescan is a system for the electronic submission of applicant fingerprints to the State of California, Department of Justice.  Livescan technology replaces the process of recording an individual’s fingerprint patterns manually through a rolling process using ink and a standard fingerprint card.  Fingerprints can be digitized through an electronic process (LiveScan), enabling the electronic transfer of the fingerprint image data, in combination with personal descriptor information, to central computers at the Department of Justice.  This transfer takes place in a matter of seconds, instead of the days required to send hard copy cards through the U.S. mail.  Livescan submissions are responded to by electronic mail, and/or U.S. mail.  The Department of Justice will also coordinate other electronic processes resulting from the automated submissions of fingerprints, including forwarding the fingerprints to the FBI (if required).

Live Scan Instructions

  1. Schedule an appointment with the School Police Department by calling (626) 933-3899. 
  2. Report to the District Office, Human Resources Department on your scheduled appointment date & time (15959 E. Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91716)
  3. REMEMBER to bring your:
    • Official Government Photo ID (expired cards not accepted)
    • Money Order (no cash or checks accepted)
    • TB clearance from your doctor (within 60 days)
    • Volunteer Form (must be signed by school administrator)
    • *Social Security Card (*only required for employment applicants)
  4. AFTER being processed by Human Resources you will be directed to the School Police Department to complete your Live Scan appointment. 


You may be rescheduled if you report to your Live Scan appointment without all of the required documents.

***No Children Permitted In Live Scan Room

Human Resources Department 
Sandra Castro 
(626) 933-3846 
School Police Department 
Eloisa Canales
(626) 933-3899

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Location and Hours

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District
15959 E. Gale Avenue 
City of Industry, CA 91716

Live Scan Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m 
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
No Appointments Scheduled 

Live Scan Fee Schedule

Certifications $79
Licenses $79
Permits $79
Teacher Credentials $79
Coaches $79
Employment $65
Volunteer Coach $60
Security/Security Sub $60
Other Subs/Volunteers $40




ONE-TIME ONLY Volunteer Form (PDF)

1875 Volunteer Application 2023-2024 English

Informacion en espanol

1875 Volunteer Application 2023-2024 Spanish