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Hospital bed

Practical Nurse (LVN)

County Health/ Badge Requirements
  • E-2 form (four pages, signed on page 3)
  • Rubella titer, vaccine proof
  • measles titer, vaccine-proof
  • mumps titer, vaccine proof
  • TDAP vacine proof
  • TB
    • 2 step or
    • evidence of 2 TB tests within 1 year  or
    • quantiferon blood test or
    • TB Chest x-ray
  • FIt Test Card, copy both sides
  • Hepatitis B titer if non immune show vaccine
  • Flu shot- proof
  • Statement of Health (good for 1 year)
LVN Class of 2016
LVN Class of 2016
LVN Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2015

Suzanne Zemer

LVN Instructors
  • Aileen Morgan-Hunt
  • Warren Allen
  • Silvia Davila

Blood pressure cuff and gauge

Congratulations LVN program!

The quarterly report (Jan 2016 - March 2016) for first time test takers for the LVN State License Exam is in... 

Our passing rate: 92.3%

Great work!