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Coronavirus Update
Posted 3/2/20

The district and the employee associations are working together to ensure district staff has updated information regarding the Coronavirus.


The District has put out two school messengers informing parents of what to do should their child show signs of respiratory illness and has posted information in three languages on the District website.

UPDATED information:




The risk of exposure to this new coronavirus in China is increasing over time. Consistent with CDC guidance on returning travelers from China, local health departments are communicating with travelers returning from mainland China to provide guidance about limiting public interactions for 14 days.


NEW:  Travelers from mainland China arriving in the United States since February 3, 2020, should be excluded from school for 14 days, beginning the day after they left China.


Please note that there have been reports of students and others being stigmatized. We urge schools to ensure students’ and staffs’ privacy to help prevent discrimination.


In the unusual event that a student or staff member is identified who:

•       has symptoms of respiratory illness, such as fever and cough, AND

•       traveled from mainland China in the prior 14 days


Please take the following steps:

•      separate the individual from others as much as possible and make arrangements for the individual to go home, and

•      contact your local health department immediately.


For up-to-date information regarding the novel coronavirus, see:

      the California Department of Public Health website at:;


      Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at:


These precautions will be helpful to also prevent the spread of other common illnesses such as influenza and gastroenteritis.


Please contact Student and Family Services or your School Nurse if you have any questions.