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Human Resources

Human ResourcesThe Hacienda La Puente Unified School District employs certificated, classified and non-classified employees to conduct and provide support to its educational programs. Certificated employees are those employees who hold teaching and/or administrative credentials. Classified employees hold positions not requiring certification. Non-classified positions are those positions which do not fall under the certificated or classified service descriptions. 

Human Resources Staff

Jill Rojas "JR"
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator
(626) 933-3830

Dr. Charles Park
Director, Human Resources
(626) 933-3835

Deborah Gatton
Administrative Assistant to Jill Rojas

(626) 933-3830

Ruby Arevalo
Secretary II
(626) 933 -3835

Katherine Nazaroff
Office Manager - Human Resources

Classified Personnel Support
(626) 933-3838   

Raquel Flores
Credentials Technician
(626) 933-3844

Gina Salcido
Credentials Technician

(626) 933-3845

Senior Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3848

Carmen Flores
Receptionist - District Office

(626) 933-1000

Anthony Andrade
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3839 

Rocio Caballero
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3840 

Angelica Escalante
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3849 

Sandra Escalante
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3846 

Krystal Figueroa
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3843 

Toni Garcia
Human Resources Assistant 

(626) 933-3842 

Marie Holloway
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3841

Clarissa Meza
Human Resources Assistant

(626) 933-3847 

Contact Us

Telephone: (626) 933-3840

Fax: (626) 934-4849


Verification of Employment

Fax: (626) 934-4888


Information on

Substitute Teaching

(626) 933-3842

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