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Teacher Support

Aeries SIS

Aeries support resources can be found in a single all-in-one knowledgebase - including documentation, videos, known issues, frequently asked questions (FAQs), field mapping and more.  The advantage of a single knowledge base is that articles are fully indexed and searchable.  In other words, when you go to search your particular issue, if there is an existing resource available, you will see it listed in your search results - whether it be from documentation, known issue articles, videos, FAQs or community forum posts.  All Aeries knowledge and resources, accessible from a single search field. 

Aeries Basics for Teachers

Gradebook and Attendance (Blackboard)

The "Aeries Basics for Teachers" course is now available in Blackboard.  This course is designed with the intent of giving you a primer on the essential Aeries functions of Gradebook and Attendance that classroom teachers will need to know on the first day of the 2015-16 school year.  It presently consists of 4 modules, each containing 2 to 5 videos. You may proceed at your leisure through the course.  It will remain posted well into the new school year for future reference.

Hands on Practice with Aeries Gradebook

Visit the following website to get hands on practice with the Aeries Gradebook:

  • Go to "Aeries Portals"
  • Select the Elementary Teacher Portal or High School Teacher Portal
  • Click "Login" when the Aeries login screen appears.
  • Select "Gradebook" from the Aeries menu list on the left side of the screen.

You can use the abbreviated 8 page for full 90+ page Aeries Gradebook guide.

NOTE: The online demo website resets each night.  Any work saved in the demo site is erased with the nightly refresh.