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Policies and Handbooks

School Searches and Pat Downs 

The document contains a very short overview of the legality of school searches conducted by police officers: All searches entail an invasion of privacy.  Whether a particular search is legally permissible involves a balancing of competing interests: the individual student's right to privacy and security against the school district's interests in maintaining order, discipline, and the security and safety of other students.


District Information Handbook 

The District Information Handbook contains required legal notices. Please review this immediately with your child. 


Districtwide Parent & Family Engagement Policy


Shared Decision Making Site Governance Handbook

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a collaborative process designed to improve the learning environment and student achievement within an atmosphere of trust and respect. The SDM process allows stakeholders to draw upon their expertise to support increased student achievement. In HLPUSD, the SDM process is implemented at the individual sites in conjunction with School Site Council. The Shared Decision Making process recognizes the importance of stakeholder involvement in the success of public education. Shared Decision Making is based on trust and a belief in the strength of shared responsibility in decision making to positively impact student achievement. It is also recognized that an additional benefit of the SDM process is increased stakeholder morale.