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Hacienda La Puente Unified Transition Leadership Collaboratives Ignite New Possibilities

Hacienda La Puente Unified Transition Leadership Collaboratives Ignite New Possibilities
Andrea Torres

Thanks to the District's Transition Leadership Collaboratives (TLC) meetings, Hacienda La Puente Unified students and families are not just receiving added support, but are also experiencing a sense of unity and shared purpose as schools come together.

TLC was created to help students adapt to and thrive at newly combined campuses, which will officially happen this August. Meetings were held at the end of April and throughout May so that students, parents, and staff leaders could get to know each other and collaborate on integrating new grade levels.

During the June 13 Board meeting, school administrators and parent volunteers shared their experiences engaging in TLC meetings over the spring. The key points discussed included the importance of unity among parents from different sites, the creation of activities to foster integration, and the development of plans to join campuses. Sparks Middle School Principal Dr. David Nieto highlighted these as key takeaways from the TLC meetings.

"Our hope is that as we push forward, we are building one team with one dream and a leadership group represented by one Sparks campus," Nieto said. "Through this TLC process, we have been able to watch our families and staff grow together and witness how these relationships are changing the leadership apparatus at Sparks."

During TLC meetings, participants focus on new school leadership, school identity, and new school culture and climate. Participants also shared key activities that each school hosts to ensure the traditions can continue.

Merely Velazquez, former Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president at Palm Elementary and veteran school volunteer of 11 years, shared her experience with TLC and reassured the audience about the preservation of their school's identity. She highlighted the many positive strides to turn two schools into one, including the continuation of numerous events that are important for students, staff, and the school community.

"TLC has created a strong foundation for our parents as we embark on a new year filled with lifelong friendships," Velazquez said. "We hope to keep the spirit and values of the Los Robles Academy community alive and well here at Palm."

Jessica Perez from Los Robles shared with the Board of Education that the TLC meetings are opportunities for parents to share their concerns, questions, and ideas for making the next school year the best it can be. 

"The events at Los Robles are done with love and will continue at Palm Elementary," Perez said. "The new opportunities and parent involvement bring us renewed excitement for what's to come. I feel excited for the new beginning, new experiences, and new family we are creating together."

TLC meetings will continue throughout the summer and school year. This ongoing collaboration and engagement ensure that the school communities are informed and actively involved during the transition process.

"Getting to know our parents, understanding our families' values, and learning from their diverse perspectives has enriched our efforts as a school," Nieto said. "Together, we have laid the foundation for a brighter future."

During the summer months, the schools will reach out to their families for any summer engagement activities and updates. After the launch of the new school year, merged schools will unite in school-based committees to ensure opportunities for parent engagement and feedback continue through the shared decision-making process.

"Thank you to our parents, staff, and principals for sharing your views and ideas and collaborating to make our campuses stronger to ensure every student is set up for success," Superintendent Dr. Alfonso Jiménez said. "I also want to thank our Director of Elementary Education, Kindergarten-8th-grade administrator, Dr. Angela Lin, for her leadership in ensuring these vital meetings were fruitful and met all families' needs. We are so proud of the TLC efforts and will continue to work together to achieve more successes and triumphs during the 2024-25 school year."




HLPUSD_TLC1: Executive Director of TK-8 Dr. Angela Lin introduces administrators and parent volunteers during a regular board meeting on June 13 for a presentation on the District’s Transition Leadership Collaboratives (TLC) meetings, which was created to help students adapt to newly combined campuses.

HLPUSD_TLC2: Sparks Middle School community gathers to present to the Board of Education during a regular board meeting on June 13. Including from right to left, Principal Dr. David Nieto, Mrs. Berenice Carlos, Mrs. Antonia Carlin de Zapata, and Mrs. Rocio Lira, PTO from Sparks.

HLPUSD_TLC3: Palm Elementary community members present their experience with TLC to the Board of Education during a regular board meeting. From left to right: PTO president of Palm Elementary School and a volunteer for 11 years; Los Robles Academy PTO parent Jessica Perez (center), also a part of the TLC; and Palm Elementary School Principal Sandy Carbajal.