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Special Education Programs

Early Intervention Programs

The District provides early intervention services to young children ages birth to three years of age who reside within the Hacienda La Puente Unified School and exhibit developmental delays. The primary purpose of early intervention services under Part H of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) is to enhance the development of the infant or toddlers identified with developmental delays which can significantly reduce the potential impact of the impairment and positively influence later development when the child reaches school age.

Pre-School Special Education Program

The District provides special education programs for pre-school children from age three to five years of age. The emphasis is on a language-based developmental model which emphasizes meeting the developmental needs of the child. The curriculum is designed to maximize the young child's social, cognitive, language, motor, and independent skills in order to be successful.


The WorkAbility program provides opportunities for middle school and high school students in special education to receive vocational/career services. The program provides appropriate activities suited to each student’s individual needs, abilities and interests. There is also a two year follow-up component to support students once they leave the high school setting. Funds are received from the state based upon an approved annual application and program review.

Adult Transition Program

Students age 18 -22, who are on the certificate track are provided instruction to assist them to make a successful transition to independent living. Services include;  functional life skill and job development, assessing work-related skills, providing interests, aptitudes, and attitudes assessment/inventories, assisting students in developing  positive work site attitudes, self-confidence, and vocational competencies to locate, secure and retain employment in the community or sheltered environment with the support of vocational career assistants and outside agencies. 

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The law mandates a committee of parents and professionals working together to provide input to the school districts on concerns of parents and others working with the disabled. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of individuals working and living in the Puente Hills SELPA.   For more information contact Tara Jones at 626-933-6501.