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Adult students in auto workshop

Adult students working with computers

Nursing student graduation

Willow Center


Phone number: 
(626) 934-2801

14101 E. Nelson Ave.
La Puente, CA 91746

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM




Paul Micah Goins,            Director of Career & Technical Education

Valerie Clifford,                    Health Careers Program Administrator

Jorge Seccia,                    Workforce Program Administrator


  • Rosalilia Sandoval-Gonzalez


  • Miranda Noriega          Office Manager
  • Thomas Avellaneda       Office Assistant
  • Kimberly Batson            Office Assistant
  • Raul Castañeda       Financial Aid Tech
  • Peter Esquivel      Attendance Clerk
  • Jeanie Houston             Office Assistant
  • Susana Islas                  Office Assistant
  • Beatriz Islas-Chavez      Office Assistant
  • Nancy Merril                 Office Assistant
  • Melani Nakasone        Office Assistant
  • Jasmine Neroes            Office Assistant
  • Dewi Salim                    Billing Clerk
  • Ileana Siu                       Office Assistant
  • Jaqueline Valenzuela    Attendance Clerk